Carragher holds a Maguire at the same level as Van Diik.

29 Apr

Jamie Carragher stated Harry Maguire defender Manchester United are on the same level as Fernando Gil Van Dyke, as well as Van Dyke, British and seen Joe Gomez defender Liverpool deserved. Be a real player for England Jamie Carragher legendary defender of Liverpool's giant English Premier League expressed the belief that Harry Maguire defender, Manchester United have versatility on the same level as Fernando Gil Van Dyck. Especially in the field of order McGuire has been compared to Van Dyke since Manchester United have spent up to 80 million pounds (about 3,200 million baht) to pull him to join the army in the summer of last year because it is a record-breaking division. After the most expensive fee in the world of Van Dike, who had come to rest in Liverpool for a fee of 75 million pounds (about 3,000 million) as well Carragher said: "If the battle for the national championship of Europe, it has taken them this summer but I think (Liverpool defender Jose) Gomez are the ones who get along well with Harry ACC rock. it's good, I think Harry Maguire as Fernando Gil van Dyke British one. He is the person who commands the things well and is the first person who can guarantee to be the real person in the center back position. "The former celebrity defender added that Gomez deserves to be a true England national team as well. "In the last tournament, there was a 3-line support, and at that time John Stones seemed to form a little down. It looks like it is now in the center-back position. (Of the England team) will have to compete for a good position to a certain extent. But for me it seems that Joe Gomez would be the best fit (To be joined by Maguire) even though he has some injuries. But if I remember correctly Previously, when he was fit, Gareth Southgate immediately sent him to play. That shows what he thinks about him (Gomez). "

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